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Morpheus Descends

Although they might forever lurk in the shadows of more lucrative brethren such as for example Suffocation, Immolation, and Incantation, Middletown, NY’s Morpheus Descends (initially named simply Morpheus) were also minimal contributors to establishing the Empire State’s peculiarly dense and Byzantine make of ’90s death steel (when compared with the dominant Floridian strain). At the beginning, in past due 1990, though, Morpheus Descends’ guitarist Rob Yench, vocalist Jeff Reimer, bassist Ken Faggio, and drummer Sam Inzerra got world-conquering programs of their very own, therefore they hastily (and, in retrospect, regrettably) partnered with indie JL Records to put together their 1992 debut record, Ritual of Infinity, from some demo sessions performed over the prior two years. And in addition, the band shortly discovered their label sorely without promotional support and endeavored release a 1994’s Chronicles from the Shadowed Types EP (offering second guitarist Bryan Johnston and brand-new bass participant Andy Newton) themselves; a move that at least allowed these to pocket a lot of the money from what copies had been sold throughout their intensive ensuing travels with Incantation, Anal Cunt, Absu, and Enslaved. But apart from developing respect inside the underground loss of life metallic picture, Morpheus Descends came back home with valuable little showing for all their effort, and had dropped hopelessly behind their onetime peers (Suffocation, specifically) by this time around. So, after changing Reimer and Johnston with vocalist/guitarist Tom Stevens (ex-Nokturne, Ripping Corpse, etc.), the group documented 1997’s The Horror of the reality EP in a final ditch effort to carefully turn their fortunes around — alas, all to no get. By the next 12 months, Stevens and Yench experienced started moonlighting with these Incantation and bassist Newton experienced produced the pseudonym of Lord Typhus Mirinor and released the black metallic music group Fog. Drummer Inzerra also resurfaced ultimately, inside a crossover part project named Era Kill, offering Pro-Pain’s Rob Moschetti and Exodus’ Rob Dukes, but initial Morpheus Descends vocalist Jeff Reimer was much less fortunate, loss of life from a reported heroin overdose in August of 2005.

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