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Moni Bile

b. August 1957, Douala, Cameroon. For many individuals, Cameroonian makossa music means Manu Dibango. Nevertheless, following the saxophonist provided the style a global profile within the 70s, a fresh era of performers surfaced to construct and develop for the framework he previously established. On the forefront of the younger performers are Sam Enthusiast Thomas and guitarist/vocalist Moni Bile. The main of Bile’s enhancements, through the entire 80s, had been lush and luxurious orchestral productions, utilized being a backdrop to his idiosyncratic, sinus voice, and just how he grafted an Africanized beguine tempo onto makossa’s simple, four-on-the-floor defeat. Originally a bass guitarist, Bile shifted to Abidjan in Côte D’Ivoire in 1979, where he documented Nganda Tumba. A season later he resolved in Paris, that was fast getting the European center of brand-new African music, and installed with Cameroonian manufacturer Aladji Toure. With Toure, he released four albums between 1982 and 1985- Bijou, O Si Tapa Lambo Lam, Chagrin D’Amour and Tout Da C’Est La Vie, building himself as Dibango’s most significant rival within the makossa pantheon. Parting business with Toure in 1985, he faltered before launching the excellent Makossa Atmosphere in 1987 – no more wanting to reproduce Toure’s complicated arrangements and focusing instead on psychologically charged simpleness. In 1990, he re-recorded several his greatest strikes – including ‘Chagrin D’Amour’ and ‘O Si Tapa Lambo Lam’ – for the Moni Bile record. He came back to tour Britain in 1991 for the very first time in 3 years, with promoters expecting to profit from the publicity produced by the Britain and Cameroon soccer match. 10eme Anniversaire was an ideal summary of his skilled build.

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