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Mogens Pedersøn

Christian IV of Denmark knowledgeable this youthful musician, sending him to Italy in two different occasions to review with Gabrieli. It really is no wonder, after that, that a number of the extant compositions by Pedersøn display an Italian impact. He also spent a while in Britain to serve Christian’s sister Anne, who was simply married to Wayne I. It isn’t known how many other actions he pursued while in Britain, for you will find presently no information to determine or substantiate the occasions. Pedersøn analyzed with and was the associate to Borchgrevinck while providing in the Danish courtroom. Considered the main Danish composer before Buxtehude, Pedersøn’s madrigals had been organized for five voices in polyphony and display borrowings from Monteverdi. Chapel music, such as for example Pratum Spirituale, may be the first known assortment of Danish compositions including Danish text messages. They also are the melodies found in the Danish chapel service following a Reformation. You will find 37 items with 31 different configurations with this collection predicated on Gregorian plainchants and Lutheran chorales. Not really completely influenced by Italian traditions, a few of these functions demonstrate strong features from the Baroque.

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