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Mix Speaker’s, Inc.

Possibly the most visual of most visual kei bands, this Tokyo sextet posed as well as performed in fantastically elaborate and cumbersome outfits (the nearest American equivalent may possibly be GWAR). Unlike many “produced” VK rings, they were completely self-contained, writing, making, and self-releasing their very own records, creating their very own outfits, and directing their very own videos, creating a global cult pursuing along the way. Mix Loudspeaker’s, Inc. was produced in Dec 2006 by previous members from the music group Isabelle: vocalist Miki, guitarist Keiji, drummer S, and guitarist Aya and bassist Look for, who acquired previously performed in the greatly popular and effective visual music group Psycho le Cému. They recruited vocalist Yuki in the music group Egurigori, producing them at that time the just VK music group with two vocalists. In the outset the associates envisaged the music group being a Gesamtkunstwerk incorporating music, movie theater, and visuals. Each member performed a character along with his very own background, and each record was a fresh “tale” with a style based on a particular concept, with heroes and costumes to complement — their 2011 recording It’s a Desire World, for instance, noticed each member having not only one but two different compatible costumes, lovely “pierrot” and “zombie” variations of different pets including a lion, a sheep, and a condor. Musically, they can fit very much in to the oshare kei bracket, their super-catchy, melodic, punky pop/rock and roll dense with synth pads and offering periodic detours into steel and jazz. On the albums, the music had been interspersed with surreal skits performed in personality with funny voices. Their initial idea, revolving around mythical monsters such as for example vampires, zombies, and mummies, included their first one “Combine Speaker’s Container” in Dec 2006, their 2007 mini-album Fri Evening Monstime, and their 2008 debut full-length Monsters: Pocket no Naka ni Wa Rubbish Story (Rubbish Story in my own Pocket). Afterwards in 2008, they exchanged in the monsters for a fresh idea for the mini-album Question Traveling, which informed the story of the intrepid staff of explorers voyaging through space. Their unique principles, zany outfits, and catchy music quickly obtained them an ardent group of fans in Japan and beyond, simply because their popularity spread by person to person via the web. In ’09 2009 these were approached with the German label Gan-Shin with an give to tour and discharge Monsters in European countries. The tour was an excellent success, as well as the music group went on to try out at several anime conventions in america. Gan-Shin also released their second record, 2009’s Big Bang Music, which continuing the sci-fi tale. This year 2010, they released the best-of recording Never Ending Tale and started a fresh concept using the mini-album Pet Zombies before teaming up in 2011 using the media company Happinet for the discharge of their third recording It’s a Desire World. For his or her 2012 produces, the solitary “Shiny Story” as well as the mini-album Ocean Heaven no Hihou (Ocean Heaven Treasure) they used an aquatic theme, using the members outfitted as sea animals and pirates.

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