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Classically trained musician Christopher Bleckmann (b. Bremen, Germany) and Hannes Wenner (b. Kassel, Germany) evidently met on the night time shift in a video local rental shop in Münster, and it might be tempting to recognize their full-on undertake techno as an effort to generate an aural exact carbon copy of the blast and explosions of the very most fascinating of shoot-em-ups via crunchy techno. Misc., nevertheless, say their purpose isn’t violent: ‘We constantly wish to contact people. A number of the instances the emotion inside a track may be intense but destruction is definitely nothing we prefer to transmit’. Bleckmann and Wenner confess it ‘most likely isn’t coincidence’ that their 1st techno records had been produced after their relocation from Münster to Cologne. The duo primarily developed their music on independent laptop computers before converging their concepts and even though the department of labour isn’t strict, they confess that Bleckmann may be the ‘better specialist’ and Wenner may be the one ‘performing the main preparations’. After 2004’s appositely monikered Crunch Period’s ‘grand attempt at increasing techno’s euphoric potential’, the poetically-named and much less intense Like Morning WITHIN YOUR Eyes was an effort to add a broader selection of feelings alongside the duo’s personal make of rave euphoria. Each of the albums, however, rates among the best possible to get emanated through the eerily effective techno town of Cologne. Bleckmann/Wenner also record as Monophace (drum ’n’ bass for the Accuracy and Krush Grooves brands), Vehicle Delta (digital music), Niederflur (funky minimal techno on Richie Hawtin’s M-nus imprint), and Clubsessel (ambient). In 2005, these were notably commissioned to remix Depeche Setting’s ‘Precious’.

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