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b. Michael Chung, 1954, Kingston, Jamaica, Western Indies. Affectionately referred to as Mao, an acknowledgement of his Chinese language ancestry, Chung performed lead acoustic guitar on recording classes within the Right now Generation music group, where he supported several performers including Bob Marley, pursuing Peter Tosh’s and Bunny Wailer’s decisions to pursue single professions. In 1976, Chung made an appearance using the heavyweight trio of Jacob Miller, Ian ‘Munty’ Lewis and Roger Lewis on stage, bringing in a great deal of interest as Chung, just like the others, had not been thin. His musical abilities were applied to the trio’s Reggae Thing, an excellent main label debut that was unfairly criticized from the purists. He made an appearance using the group in that which was just the fourth tv documentary regarding reggae aired in the united kingdom. The programme, Origins Rock Reggae, finished with Chung as well as the group providing a overall performance of ‘Like Is The Medication’, which he co-wrote, and ‘All Night time ’Til Daylight’. In 1978, Chung became a member of Word Audio And Power, Tosh’s support music group following a departure of Al Anderson. The group comprised Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare and a practiced associate from his Right now Generation times, Robert Lynn, backed by other program guys. Chung was a efficient business lead guitarist and got learned the synthesizer, and both abilities were initially used on Tosh’s third record, Bush Doctor. His sibling, Geoffrey Chung, built the tracks, documented at Dynamics Audio Studio room in Kingston. To market the record, Tosh, along with Phrase Audio And Power, toured European countries and the united states, playing in stadiums where in fact the audience figures had been much like those attracted by pop supergroups. Although still component of Tosh’s support group, Sly Dunbar agreed upon to Virgin Information in 1979. It had been Chung, along with Sly And Robbie, who penned ‘Oriental Taxi cab’, the name afterwards utilized by the ‘tempo twins’ because of their production business. His association with Sly And Robbie resulted in the discharge of ‘Keep Me Tight’ and ‘Brand New Day time’, acknowledged to Robbie And Mao on Delroy Witter’s Niagara label. The embryonic Taxi cab Gang came back to Jamaica as well as the classes for Mystic Man commenced with Chung and his sibling taking even more responsibility for the classes. While Mikey supervised the horn plans, Geoffrey supervised the documenting and remixing. In 1981, following a classes for Desired Dread And Alive, Mikey joined up with Sly And Robbie around the Dark Uhuru classes for Reddish and RELAX. He came back to Europe using the music group and a live record and video, Rip It Up – Live, documented the function. Chung continued to execute with Pluto And Co., a Miami-based group comprising Jamaican expatriates, led by Pluto Shervington.

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