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Mike Stevens

This Mike Stevens shouldn’t be confused using the harmonica player from your Grand Old Opry or the Uk fusion jazz maestro. The previous event could have been way too hectic for any fellow who loved to opening up in his Midwestern university dormitory and function forever creating fresh tapes, as the music from the second option artist is evidently the sort of prefabricated saccharine drek that home-tapers such as for example Stevens respect as the “vacant” point on the creative gas measure. While in university, Mike Stevens started to spend times perfecting drum configurations of his personal design and development electronic items. His parents bribed him in which to stay college giving him audio equipment, a viewpoint that is reasonable and effective. With all of this gear in his dorm, why would he desire to leave? Various other tape artists such as for example Zidsic collected examples and noises from Stevens, who generally utilized the name Mkst to recognize his releases. A lot of Zidsic’s tapes also used Stevens’ materials, and the quantity of exchange, barter, or outright stealing that continued during the elevation from the home-taping period in the past due ’80s would definitely blow the fuses of anyone wanting to power up a precise discography. A perfectionist, Stevens toiled mightily to generate his completed masterpieces, among which is dependant on materials by supernatural article writer H.P. Lovecraft. A few of his recordings included collaborations with various other recording artists upon this network, such as for example Agog, Tom Furgas, and Nick and Tuf.

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