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Based in Fresh Dehli, India, the MIDIval PunditZ are one of the contemporary Indian outfits that combine high-tech electronica with a solid raga impact. The MIDIval PunditZ aren’t traditional Indian traditional music ? la Ravi Shankar, Bikram Ghosh or Ali Akbar Khan. Nevertheless, their club-friendly digital experimentation is seriously affected by traditional Indian music (specifically North Indian), plus they combine digital dance grooves with traditional, time-honored acoustic tools just like the santur as well as the tabla drums. The MIDIval PunditZ began working collectively in 1994, when two older acquaintances–Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj–were reunited in New Dehli. Raina and Raj got known one another since 1994, nonetheless it wasn’t until 1994 the producers shaped a collaboration. Before that, both of these had been intensely involved with India’s modern music picture. Raina, who acquired studied structures, was a radio DJ, while Tapan was an engineer in a fresh Dehli documenting studio room. It didn’t consider them long to understand that that they had a whole lot of common surface. Both of these had been fans of Indian traditional music, however they had been also in to the hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass/jungle and home that had been imported from america in addition to Europe. So when they began working together, the target was to mix all their affects. Pooling their assets, they began their own documenting studio room, and by 1997, these were phoning themselves the MIDIval PunditZ. In 1998, they fulfilled the London-born maker Talvin Singh, who was simply well-known for fusing Indian music and electronica; because of their association with Singh, they truly became area of the group Tabla Defeat Science. Furthermore to documenting and creating, Raina and Raj keep dance celebrations (that they contact Cyber Mehfil celebrations) every once in awhile at different New Dehli locations. The celebrations are kept irregularly–in other phrases, whenever the feeling attacks Raina and Raj. In the first 2002s, Raina and Raj made a decision to record a self-titled recording because the MIDIval PunditZ. Vocalist Vidya Shah was recruited for the task, as had been flute players Rajendra Prassanna and Shailendra. In Oct 2002, the MIDIval PunditZ’ self-titled recording was released in america from the San Francisco-based Six Levels label.

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