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Michel Sajrawy

b. 8 November 1970, Nazareth, Galilee, Israel. From age nine, Sajrawy researched guitar and structure in his homeland. Playing in regional night clubs in his past due teenagers, he also researched at Nazareth’s Top notch University. In 1995 he continuing his research in London, an interval that included a training course in composition on the London University of Music and Mass media where in 1999 he earned the Wilfred Joseph Award. Although his research drew him specifically towards film and tv work, within the UK he also used many respected globe music artists. Right now a virtuoso performer and extremely well known composer, he came back to Israel to begin with a fruitful profession as performer and composer. Sajrawy provides described himself being a Christian Arab who lives in Israel but considers himself to be always a Palestinian. Sketching his musical motivation through the strikingly contrasting spiritual background of this troubled area, Sajrawy provides managed to make a smooth entire from disparate Jewish, Arab and Christian customs. Additionally, he deftly fuses his first undertake the complex customs of his homeland with avant garde traditional music and modern rock and roll and jazz, a method heard to great influence on his 2006 debut Yathrib. In the middle-00s, Sajrawy’s regular quartet highlighted Valery Lipetz (bass), Ameen Atrash (drums) and Darwish Darwish (oud). Amongst others with whom he offers performed and occasionally documented are rek participant Ramzy Bisharat, guitarist Alex Carpani, jarra participant Etamar Doari, violinists Bashir Asadi, Leonid Barshtak and Nigel Kennedy, and tabla participant Kayed Silawi. Sajrawy in addition has been energetic as an archive producer and audio technician along with his own studio room. Lively, interesting and stimulating, Sajrawy’s music is usually a relaxing addition to globe music.

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