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MF?- is among the primary attractions in Turkish music. The name is in fact the initial letters from the brands of the primary people, Mazhar Alanson (vocals), Fuat Güner (electric guitar), and Ozkan Ugur (bass). MF?- took its power through the mix of three innovative minds. Apart from getting good music artists, all three had been also great songwriters and, above it, all three could sing aswell. Utilizing the mixed vocal harmonies, MF?- was exclusive, but alternatively, with quickly memorized but still deeply coming in contact with lyrics, these were the ultimate masses favorites. The annals of MF?- goes back to the middle-’60s. In 1966, Fuat Güner and Mazhar Alanson fulfilled due to a Beatles LP, and after some listens to it collectively, they recognized that they can form a music group. They 1st played collectively in Kaygisizlar, when a large number of talented music artists took component for short intervals. Güner and Alanson fulfilled famous brands Baris Manco and Fikret Kizilok for the reason that music group. “Kol Dugmeleri” was among the Baris Manco strikes he documented with Kaygisizlar. After Manco remaining, Kaygisizlar kept heading and documenting singles. As the lineup adjustments became even more frequent than suitable, Güner and Alanson went solo. The recording Turkuz Turku Cagiririz premiered in 1974 beneath the name Mazhar-Fuat. It had been and continues to be perhaps one of the most well known albums from the Turkish psychedelic period, looked after included the first variations of MF?- strikes like “Gullerin Icinden.” For the time being, Ozkan Ugur (bass) used Baris Manco’s music group Kurtalan Ekspres and in addition with Erkin Koray for a short while with his music group Ter. He also became a member of Anatolian pop get better at Ersen’s music group Ersen ve Dadaslar. The three music artists made a decision to play jointly in 1976. Acquiring Ayhan Sicimoglu (drums) and Galip Boransu (keyboards) on the side, they shaped Ipucu Beslisi. Even though the lineup seemed guaranteeing, they could just release a unitary, “Heyecanli.” The first-ever Turkish online video for a tune was shot because of this one. In 1984, when their initial record beneath the name MF?- premiered, they were in fact playing jointly for greater than a 10 years. Their experience demonstrated as their debut, Ele Gune Karsi, was an instantaneous success. Mostly made up of downtempo ballads except the name track and some funky parts, the record received numerous honours including Best Record and Greatest Songwriter (for “Alanson”). Ele Gune Karsi can be a milestone in Turkish music background. The time between 1984 and 1995 was the most artistically efficient amount of the music group. After a failed attempt for the Eurovision Track Competition (“Diday Diday Day time” could just rating 14th place), the next recording, Peki Peki Anladik, was also failing to check out their debut. The next half from the recording was totally in English, having a hope to become accepted in European countries, which also didn’t happen. A 12 months later on, in 1986, Vak the Rock and roll was released. Investing in even more guitars this time around, they regained their popularity with tunes like “Gozyaslarimizi Bitti Mi Sandin?” and “Bazen.” 1987 noticed them release NO ISSUE. The greater uptempo and gig-friendly recording guaranteed their place; nevertheless, in 1988, if they gave another shot for the Eurovision Track Contest using the track “Sufi,” these were once again disappointed using the 15th place. After their 1st compilation, THE VERY BEST of MF?-, the 5th recording, Geldiler, adopted in 1990. Preferring speaking over singing more often than not, Geldiler was a socially disturbed record. Painting artificial moustaches in the cover, the record is certainly a representation of the issues occurring from large migration to Istanbul as well as the competitive functioning conditions from the industrialized contemporary globe. 1992’s Agannaga Rusvet was the follow-up to its forerunner. The record criticized mainly the economic climate and the usage of violent works to be able to solve cultural problems in an exceedingly straightforward way. As the same year’s Donmem Yolundan came back to the design of their debut, it had been M.V.A.B., released in 1995, that could match the grade of Ele Gune Karsi. As the name track presents (“Mazeretim Var Asabiyim Ben” signifying “I’ve a justification, I’m pissed of”) the music group was furious as well as the sparkly pop audio of their previously productions were lacking. Being truly a great record, it had been also the finish of MF?-‘s extremely innovative years. Despite the fact that they stopped composing for the music group, they held playing live. Afterwards, people of MF?- done their solo tasks. While they published music for movies and takes on, Ozkan Ugur required part in tv and Mazhar Alanson filmed using the well-known Turkish comedian Cem Yilmaz. The music group also experienced a Television show called MF?- Display. In 2003, MF?- Collection, a compilation of re-recorded and reformated edition of MF?- tunes, was released. An extremely anticipated recording comprised of initial material premiered in 2006. AGU resembles the single function of Mazhar Alanson.

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