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Merritt Brunies

Cornet, trombone. Person in renowned New Orleans musical family members. Merritt Brunies was a normal jazz bandleader in New Orleans and Chicago from 1916 – 1918, and going a grroup known as THE INITIAL New Orleans Jazz Music group. This group didn’t record, nonetheless it predated Jimmy Durante’s New Orleans Jazz Music group which was shaped in NY in 1918, and THE INITIAL Dixieland Jazz Music group, which performed in Chicago in 1916 and became the initial group to record in 1917. After his initial group disbanded, Brunies performed cornet and led the ensemble that changed THE BRAND NEW Orleans Tempo Kings at Friar’s Inn in Chicago. He came back to New Orleans in 1930 and performed in various night clubs. Brunies relocated to Mississippi in 1946, and performed in The Brunies Brothers Dixieland Jazz Music group for the others of his profession.

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