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Men Without Hope

Led by singer/guitarist Ethan Fein, Males Without Hope is definitely a fresh York-based rock and roll & move/pop/rock and roll trio that has specialized in humorous, goofy, quirky songs on the subject of life’s issues and disappointments. The group people find a lots of what to kvetch about, whether they’re performing about passionate disappointments or psychologically ill individuals who bother them within the roads of ny. Plus they also want to write about ageing. Fein, a indigenous New Yorker, doesn’t make an effort to hide the actual fact that he’s an ageing baby boomer that has dropped his hair; actually, growing older is usually a source of laughter on Males Without Hope’s tracks. But for all of the kvetching, Males Without Hope isn’t a fitness in self-pity — if anything, Fein’s music group is an workout in dark laughter. Like a large amount of blues and nation artists, the brand new York occupants in Males Without Hope possess a means of laughing at the items they’re complaining about. They could possess a jaded, cynical, world-weary perspective and start to see the cup as half bare instead of fifty percent full, however they manage to get it done having a smile. They discover clever, amusing, really funny means of informing listeners just how much they believe reality bites. Guys Without Wish was produced in the past due ’90s by Fein, that has gained his living playing electric guitar in Broadway displays (including productions of Felines,West Side Tale, and 42nd Road). The group’s two various other associates are bassist Bob Renino and drummer Ricky Martinez; Fein, Renino, and Martinez talk about the business lead vocals, and Fein writes or co-writes a lot of the materials (occasionally with NY songwriter Donald Wollner). They documented their debut record, The Sub-Basement Tapes, in the past due ’90s and place it out themselves in 2000.

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