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Memory Garden

Acquiring their name from a vintage song released by American doom titans Hassle in the entire year of their beginning, 1993, Kumla, Sweden’s Memory Back garden also had taken their doom history quite seriously, infusing their music with unapologetic sources to genre icons like Black colored Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and, yes, Hassle, of course. You start with their initial demos that same calendar year, it didn’t consider miss vocalist Stefan Berglund, guitarists Rick Gustafsson and Anders Looström, bassist Ken Johansson, and drummer Tom Björn, to property a cope with aptly called regional indie label Heathendoom, for the discharge of 1995’s Forever EP, and the next year’s amazingly mature Tides LP. But Storage Garden quickly began getting a small flack due to Berglund’s operatic performing style, and its own commonalities to Candlemass’ Messiah Marcolin, and much more therefore Solitude Aeturnus’ Robert Lowe, but much less intolerant doom aficionados were a lot more thinking about the band’s regularly participating songwriting, which had taken on some astonishing power steel tendencies during the period of follow-up albums, Verdict of Posterity (1999) and Mirage (2000) — both offering brand-new guitarist Simon Johansson instead of Gustafsson. However, neither of the records shifted more than enough units to fulfill the band’s brand-new label, American rock powerhouse, Metal Edge, and so Storage Garden were trim loose and established adrift, making use of their self-confidence shot no instant prospects directing towards their next thing. A depressed 7″ one entitled “Marion” premiered with the band’s previous standby, Heathendoom, in 2004, nonetheless it would consider another four years before Storage Garden produced their accurate comeback via 5th long-player, Carnage Carnival, on Vic Information, which also designated the addtition of fresh bass player called Johan Fredrikson, the recording designated a concerted go back to the group’s even more traditional doom origins, but unlike many types of the genre, there is nothing old-fashioned about any of it — just a very contemporary sound that is sure to create the band’s profession back on the right track.

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