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Meira was the most prominent six-string violonista (classical guitar participant) from the regional (little group) custom. Also an effective composer, he owed his economic balance to his composing skills. Being a teacher, he collaborated in the forming of distinguished music artists like Baden Powell, Maurício Carrilho, and Rafael Rabello. A musician from an early on age, Meira became a member of the first development of Luperce Miranda’s group Voz perform Sertão in 1927, regarding his sibling, Robson. In 1928, he followed the group to Rio, long lasting huge hardships (Robson passed away of tuberculosis). Out of depressive disorder, Meira visited Europe with out a project. Time for Rio, things started to change, along with his track “Falando ao Teu Retrato” becoming released in 1930 and documented by Augusto Calheiros in 1935. His 1st documenting as sideman is at 1934, associated Benedito Lacerda and his local in Meira’s choro “Primavera” (the name was later on transformed to “Arranca Toco”). In 1937, he substituted for violonista (classical guitar participant) Carlos Lentine in Benedito Lacerda’s local, beginning among the longest & most fertile violão duos of Brazilian music with Dino. With Canhoto (cavaquinho), they truly became probably one of the most celebrated associated trios of the annals from the regionals. A few of his compositions experienced achievement in the ’40s, just like the valse “Quando a Saudade Apertar” (with Leonel Azevedo, 1942), “Aperto de Mão” (with Dino/Augusto Mesquita, documented by Isaura Garcia in 1943 for Victor), the choro “Deixa Pra Lá” (with Augusto Mesquita, documented by Isaura in 1945), and “Amar Foi Minha Ruína” (with Augusto Mesquita, documented by Gilberto Alves in 1947). With Lacerda’s pension in 1950, his group became the Regional perform Canhoto, who also experienced a noted profession documenting the users’ choros and associated other performers. Meira’s samba-canção “Molambo” (with Augusto Mesquita) was documented with achievement by Roberto Luna and Cauby Peixoto. He made an appearance in the historical display Samba Pede Passagem, compiled by Sidney Miller, in 1965 and participated in the documenting from the LP Rosa de Ouro (Odeon) in the same season.

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