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Using their androgynous look, elaborate costumes, and de rigueur colored contacts, Tokyo trio Megamasso wholeheartedly embrace the visual kei template established by their Japanese forebears. Sonically at least, Megamasso gadget somewhat using the genre’s normal tropes (believe absurdly over-the-top pop-metal), creating a even more accessible make of pop/rock in comparison to latest scene leaders such as for example D’espairsRay, L’Arc-en-Ciel, and Janne Da Arc. Although fronted by vocalist Inzargi (who may or might not possess named himself honoring the Italian soccer striker Filippo Inzaghi), Megamasso’s de facto head can be Ryouhei, the band’s guitarist and songwriter who shaped the group by the end of 2006 after stopping the moderately effective visible kei five-piece Ayable. Getting started being a four-piece, drummer Yuta and bassist Gou finished the first lineup. Even though the support of a few of Ayable’s group of fans made certain that Megamasso’s debut displays on the medium-sized O-East place in Tokyo’s Shibuya had been sell-outs, the group provides didn’t translate that into mainstream graph success and within their homeland are often referred to as an “indie” visible kei work. Megamasso’s debut disk, the mini-album Namida Neko, gained a limited discharge in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya for the NXSIE label around once as these displays, footage which was afterwards compiled to create in the 11-monitor Dvd movie Mega-Star Tokyo, released in early 2008. Quickly afterwards, debut record Yuki Shitatari Hoshi strike the shelves, even though the music group was dealt something of the blow when drummer Yuta departed because of musical distinctions — Megamasso is a three-piece since. Second record Mataku Yoru implemented seven months afterwards. Despite a flurry of produces and regular live looks, Ryouhei still manages to discover period outside Megamasso for extra-curricular actions, appearing on general public broadcaster NHK’s children’s tv program Tensai Terebikun and on Fuji TV’s 721 route. In ’09 2009, Megamasso released their third recording, Sweet Switch.

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