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Neue Deutsche Härte music group Megaherz was founded in Munich, Germany in 1993 by singer Alexander “Alexx” Wesselsky, guitarist Marc Bredtmann, bassist Josef Kalleder, drummer Tobias Trinkl, and keyboardist Christian Scharinger. The group documented their first demonstration, Sexodus in 1994, accompanied by 1995’s Herzwerk, whose Nine In . Fingernails- and Trend Contrary to the Machine-inspired audio brought the music group to the eye of the Golden Primary label, who signed them shortly afterwards. 1996 noticed three bandmembers departing the group: Bredtmann (who was simply changed by Christian “X-Ti” Bystron in 1997), Kalleder (changed by Werner “Wenz” Weninger in 1997), and Trinkl (changed by Frank Gegerle in 1998). Twelve months later, Scharinger still left aswell and was changed by Jochen “Noel Pix” Seibert in 1998, departing Wesselsky the only real remaining founding person in the music group. The group’s correct debut record, the Rammstein-esque Wer Bist Du?, premiered in 1997, accompanied by Kopfschuss in 1998 and Himmelfahrt in 2000. When Gegerle still left in 2001, brand-new drummer Jürgen Schlachter (ex-Keilerkopf) was brought in to the music group one year afterwards, alongside guitarist Oliver Pohl (ex-bassist of Twelve After Elf who got initially been earned being a touring alternative to a unwell Seibert). The band’s 4th record, Herzwerk II, premiered in 2002. Another year noticed another major modification in the band’s lineup: Pohl still left after only 1 season, while keyboardist Seibert and vocalist Wesselsky still left to form the brand new music group Eisbrecher (which Pohl became a member of afterwards in 2008). With brand-new vocalist Mathias “Jablonski” Elsholz (another ex-Twelve After Elf recruit) up to speed, Megaherz released the record 5 through S.A.D. Music in 2004, but there have been more lineup adjustments the next season: Elsholz still left, while guitarist Roland Vencelj joined up with the group. Drummer Jürgen Schlachter exited the music group aswell and was changed by the coming back Frank Gegerle — who still left once again in 2007 and was changed by brand-new drummer Jürgen “Bam Bam” Wiehler. With brand-new vocalist Alexander “Lex” Wohnhaas, who became a member of the group in 2007, Megaherz released their 6th full-length record, Heuchler. The lineup continued to be regular until in 2011, when second guitarist Vencelj still left and was changed by Christoph Klinke. The seventh record, Götterdämmerung, implemented in 2012.

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