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McFarland Twins

Formed in the us in the past due 30s, the McFarland Twins, Artwork and George, had been two saxophone-playing brothers who made a decision to expand in to the dance group arena. Whether they had been truly representative of the genre is certainly debatable. Their stylised audio was widely referred to as ‘Mickey Mouse’ by critics, using its highlight on novelty and irreverent fun. Even so they persevered, and in the 40s turned their design to a far more refined, musical standpoint. Engagements in this era saw them consist of pianist Geoff Clarkson within their rates, alongside performers Betty Engells, Dick Merrick as well as the Norton Sisters. They documented frequently for OKeh Information, including their theme tune, ‘Darkness’, and demonstrated a favorite if light-hearted appeal at several ballrooms throughout America. Nevertheless, by the development of World Battle II the novelty of their fraternal command had grown slim and they seldom performed again.

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