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Max and The Broadway Metal Choir

‘The Devil gave us Loss of life Metallic and God gave us Maximum’: this is the publicity that introduced Maximilan Gelt – a Jewish delicatessen owner from Miami, Florida, in his later 40s. Utmost was asked by a pal to go to London to visit a music group, the Broadway Steel Choir, offering Jan Cyrka (electric guitar), Kevin Riddles (bass, ex-Angelwitch; Tytan), Kevin Fitzpatrick (keyboards) and Andy Beirne (drums). Because they lacked a vocalist, Utmost offered his providers, but after six weeks of touring he broke his calf and came back to Miami. He afterwards came back to London equipped with new tracks, and as well as FM and guitarist Steve Boltz, and support performers Suzie O’List and Gillian O’Donovan, he documented 10 paths of what can only just be referred to as Led Zeppelin fronted by Mel Brooks. The press cherished the story however, not the completed item and, dejected, Utmost returned home to handle a different kind of music. His wife, Shirly, got released divorce proceedings, declaring his latest obsession with rock music got powered him ‘crazy’. All of those other music group split, time for session function, or, in Cyrka’s case, to small guitar ‘hero’ position.

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