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Maurice Ohana

A composer of stunning originality, directed at rejecting institutions, cliques, and fashions, Ohana pursued a recognized career that’s as hard to characterize as his nationality. His dad had Andalusian traditions, but as the family members had resolved in Gibraltar, acquired British isles citizenship. Maurice was created in Morocco and raised in Bayonne, France. He examined in Paris and Barcelona, became a member of the British Military in World Battle II and fought in Italy, remaining behind to review structure with Casella. In 1947 he came back to Paris and founded an organization known as “Zodiaque,” specialized in the perfect of artistic independence, mainly independence to reject the twelve-tone program that was after that rapidly overtaking European musical believed. His manifesto attacked serialism, “Parisian cliques,” and avant-garde methods. This produced him a lifelong foe from the Pierre Boulez, the avant-garde serialist who led the dominating Parisian clique from that point and for another half-century. Ohana’s music escapes the old Romantic tonal custom by embracing the wildness and unusual scales of Andalusian and North African music. His music demands fluid, florid, nearly bel canto performing and remarkably delicate new firmness colorations (instrumental and vocal). He frequently looks for the stillness of Eastern-inspired yoga, but frequently uses hard-edged, Stravinskian rhythms. His music frequently has a feeling of half-forgotten, archaic rituals. He utilized electronic music sometimes, and divided the octave into intervals smaller sized when compared to a half-step. Among his perhaps most obviously compositions had been Syllabare pour Phèdre, Signes, Sibylle, Silenciare, Stream, Neumes, Promethée, and Llanto por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias. (He was keen on the notice “S” in his game titles because it is definitely spelled having a change “sigma,” the Greek notice representing summation or infinity.)

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