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Mat Maneri

Boy of microtonal clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, improviser, theorist, and composer Joe Maneri, Mat Maneri began performing music along with his dad when he was only seven. Though Joe was a tale among avant-garde and jazz music artists, boy Mat surpassed his father’s documented output in a comparatively short period of time. Focusing on different violin derivatives, Mat has the five-string viola, the electrical six-string violin, as well as the baritone violin. He spent some time working using the Joe Morris Quartet, documented numerous albums along with his dad, and also produced guest appearances using the Boston collective Membership d’Elf. His single albums have already been released on ECM, Leo Information, as well as the Swiss label Hat Hut. Along with his Mat Maneri Trio, he released JUST WHAT EXACTLY on Head wear Hut in 1998. That record highlighted Mat with Randy Peterson on drums and Matthew Shipp on piano. Another trio record, offering Mat, Peterson, and Ed Schuller on bass, premiered in 1999, entitled Fifty-One Sorrows. Blue Decco implemented a year afterwards; Trinity was released in early 2001. That same season, he became a member of Shipp and drummer Whit Dickey in Nommonsemble forever Cycle, implemented a year afterwards by his very own quartet record, Sustain. On the next many years, Maneri remained quite busy, showing up on albums with Josh Roseman, David S. Ware, Craig Taborn, among others. He then matched with his dad and bassist Barre Phillips for 2004’s Sides of Repose on ECM and drew motivation from Mls Davis’ Bitches Brew on 2005’s Pentagon. Maneri following joined Membership d’Elf for a small number of albums, including 2006’s Today I Understand, and he added to albums by Manuel Valera, Jacob Sacks, Paul Motian, and much more. In 2011 he became a member of Shipp and guitarist Joe Morris for Duos, implemented in 2013 by way of a Violent Dosage of Anything with Shipp and saxophonist Ivo Perelman. Perelman was also up to speed for Maneri’s following many outings, 2014’s Two Males Strolling, 2015’s Counterpoint, and 2016’s Breaking Stage. In 2017, Maneri reunited with Shipp and Dickey for the trio program Vessel in Orbit.

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