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Maru Sankaku Shikaku

Maru Sankaku Shikaku, whose name means in British “Group Triangle Square” and was literally represented on the album covers with a group, a triangle, and a square, were among the lesser-known, early-’70s Japan psychedelic rings. The group been around from 1970 to 1973 and was led by Sakuro “Kant” Watanabe, who experienced recently graduated from your Ochanomizu Style Institute, and who also performed drums in the music group Murahachibu. Other users included Kohji “Tohchan” Miura, Etsuko “Supervisor” Watanabe, Reck, Chiko-Hige, Juno, and Yoshiyuki Hida. This troupe of blossom children would happen to be various Japanese towns, surviving in tents and sleeping hand bags and often carrying out in the roads with elaborate encounter paints and outfits if they didn’t possess an effective gig. Most of them weren’t music artists a lot as conceptual performers, and their shows were extremely freeform and unstructured, and included a whole lot of theatrics and visible art disciplines, aswell. At the moment, Sakuro Watanabe, who was simply already posting his own mag, decided to discharge some information. In early 1973 the group documented a few different sessions, on the Gyoen Studio room with Tohchan no Kobeya. From these periods, the group released an individual LP and a triple LP in limited amounts. They are all extremely improvised affairs, sounding such as a even more amateurish, hippie edition from the Taj Mahal Tourists crossed with Third Hearing Music group. Watanabe also released a conceptual 5th LP — a phonograph without audio — with one locked groove. The group disbanded afterwards that season and Watanabe shifted to begin with a yoga exercises practice. Reck and Chiko-Hige continued to create the avant-punk group Friction afterwards in the ’70s. Though Maru Sankaku Shikaku had been extremely obscure, the Captain Trip label ultimately released the albums on Compact disc in 2001, once again as an individual Compact disc and a three-CD established.

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