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Martin Codax

Martin (or Martim) Codax (or Codaz) may be the name of the writer and author of a couple of seven poems (six with music) created on the leaf of parchment that was within 1914 in the binding of a vintage publication. The poems are created in the Portuguese-Galician vocabulary. They will be the just Galician-Portuguese music, apart from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, to survive from the center Age groups and represent the oldest making it through created Spanish music. Each one of the six tunes with music comprises four or six stanzas, manufactured from a couplet accompanied by an unchanging refrain. In type, the composition is apparently a song routine, concerning the emotions of a female awaiting her enthusiast by the ocean in the seaside town of Vigo, in the western of Spain. Commentators possess tried to find or deduce information on the composer’s existence, but have accomplished only speculation. As the function is like poetry, some possess found a reference to courtly music of that time period and speculate Codax was an associate of the courtroom of Ferdinand III. Others possess recommended that he was a troubadour. They aren’t even particular whether he was Portuguese or Galician Spanish. The music itself offers more contacts with Galician folk music than with either Spanish courtroom or troubadour music of that time period.

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