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Markus James

b. USA. Elevated in the region around Washington, DC, Adam played electric guitar in rock rings, afterwards encompassing traditional blues. An abiding curiosity about the music of Africa drew him to build up a method that artfully combines components of blues with modern African music. From his California foundation, he spent some time working through the entire USA and since 1994 offers made numerous appointments to Africa, specifically Mali, performing as performer and record maker. He works frequently with traditional Wassoulou and Sonrai music artists. Performers with whom he spent some time working in america and Africa consist of Single Sidibe, Hamma Sankare, Hassi Sare, Massamba Diop and Wassonrai, an organization offering Mamadou Sidibe and Amadou Camara. Wayne and his musical companions play many traditional equipment, including kameme n’goni, a kind of harp, njarka, which is certainly violin-like, calabash and bolon, a stringed device using a bass-like resonance. Vocal lines are tracked in British, Bambara and Sonrai.

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