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Marius Casadesus

Marius Casadesus was a well-known violinist and a composer, also known for device building. Marius Robert Utmost Casadesus was section of an extraordinary musical category of Catalan descent. His dad, Luis Casadesus was created in Figueras, Spain, and migrated to France where he wedded Mathilde Sénéchal. Luis was a typographer by day time and a café musician by night time, playing violin, acoustic guitar, and mandolin. He had written an important acoustic guitar method. He previously nine kids: Francis, Rose, Robert, Henri, Jeanne, Marcel, Cécile, Régina, and Marius, and trained all of them music. Basically Jeanne became professional music artists. The most well-known relation Robert (1899 – 1972), among history’s great pianists, was the kid of Marius’ sibling Robert (1878 – 1940), a vocalist, professional and composer, while conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus (b. 1935) is normally a grandson of Marius’ sibling Henri (1879 – 1947). Marius was presented with a musical education by his parents and by his old sister, Rose, a pianist. He got into the Paris Conservatory and gained first award in violin in his graduation calendar year, 1914. He started a global touring career, frequently followed by nephew Robert on the piano. He premiered Maurice Ravel’s bravura violin structure Tzigane in the current presence of the composer in Barcelona. He founded the Marius Casadesus String Quartet. He became a member of the Société des Equipment Anciens Casadesus after that helped discovered its successor, the Société Nouvelle des Equipment Anciens and therefore was among the first advocates of what’s now referred to as the “primary equipment” or “period equipment” motion. In 1954, he also founded the ensemble Violes et Violons, specialized in recapturing the genuine timbre of string equipment befitting the music of any particular epoch. The countless rare and previous equipment he gathered are housed in the museum from the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Marius was also a luthier who produced various replica equipment. These included not merely equipment from the viol and violin households, but also guitars, mandolins, and such uncommon previous tools as the quinton as well as the descant gamba. These tools may be within such organizations as the collection from the Opéra de Paris, the Versailles Chateau Museum, as well as the headquarters from the writers’ rights corporation SACEM. He was also a composer, primarily of orchestral and chamber music. Included in these are a Symphony for orchestra of violins (1951) and many works together with violin or cello solos. Marius and his brothers Francis and Henri all had written compositions in the nature of old composers and, very much the same as the popular violinist Fritz Kreisler, shown them as “rediscoveries” of functions by older masters such as for example C.P.E. and J.C. Bach and Handel, roughly the stylistic proof suggests. (Furthermore, the Casadesus family members has never refused how the works are from the three brothers.) In 1931, a function appeared, defined as a violin concerto compiled by Wolfgang Mozart at age group ten and “edited and orchestrated” by Marius Casadesus. It had been premiered in 1931 at a Lamoureux Concert and was documented by the youthful Yehudi Menuhin. This concerto was known as “Concerto for Princess Adelaide” or just the “Adelaide Concerto” and got currency for some time, though scholars became dubious of its source when Marius didn’t produce the unique documentation necessarily lying down behind his release if the task were real. In 1977, inside a courtroom case regarding whether Marius in fact had authorship privileges in the released “orchestration” he testified that he previously, after all, created the task in its entirety. In 1962, Marius Casadesus was produced a Commander from the Legion of Honor. He previously three kids, Mathilde, Martine, and Gréco.

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