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Marianne Nowottny

Marianne (pronounced Mah-ri-ah-na) Wilhelmine Nowottny created a number of the boldest and bizarre music of her generation; her deep, voluptuous tone of voice and torchy, cabaret-style songwriting had been separated by an unbridgeable difference in the MTV-purveyed, homogenized strip-mall music that most her peers devoured. Within the 8th quality, Nowottny, who busied herself composing poetry, fulfilled a like-minded and classically educated pianist called Donna Bailey. Both soon started collaborating musically beneath the name Shell, tinkering with a cassette recorder along with a Radio Shack key pad in their bed rooms, committing hours of absolutely unusual psychedelic music to tape. Nowottny transferred to the north New Jersey city of Sparta in 1998 to end up being with her dad; it was now there that she bought a bit of musical equipment that could help define her audio as a single musician — the Concertmate 990 key pad. In early stages, her mother acquired taught her the fundamentals from the piano. Today inspired to create her very own music in Bailey’s lack, Nowottny began selecting, by hearing, the key pad elements of Shell music, and eventually managed to move on to include eastern settings and pentatonic scales into her playing. Nowottny and Bailey would still play jointly if they could, but living on the contrary ends from the condition gave Nowottny adequate time to compose and record her very own compositions. Afterwards that calendar year, the 16-year-old could have a fortuitous possibility ending up in playwright Lori Bortz and her hubby Mark Dagley for the roads of Newton, NJ. Instantly forming a a friendly relationship using the few, Nowottny shared a few of her poetry and finally performed the Shell tapes on their behalf. Intrigued and impressed, they decided to create a cassette-only model (limited by 150 copies) of the project known as Shell vs. Neu! the very first release on the fledgling Abaton Reserve Business imprint. Dagley developed the tape, which includes since been known as a “post-modern fight of the rings,” by blending components of Shell tracks right into a Neu! record. Soon after the Shell cassette, Abaton released Nowottny’s debut single documenting Scared of Me within a likewise limited CDR model. Once the seven-song documenting, alongside Nowottny’s sporadic and mystifying concerts, started generating excitement within the Manhattan artwork and underground moments, the label/posting home released an extended, proper version from the record. They also released a reserve of her poetry and released many videotapes of her gigs, in addition to peddling a bevy of unconventional Nowottny-related materials from their internet site. The prodigious youthful performer graduated from Sparta SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 2001 at age 18, and proceeded release a the wildly ambitious but achieved double record Manmade Young lady — Tracks and Instrumentals to some smattering of underground compliment. After performing to get the record in NY and NJ throughout that summertime, she journeyed to the Western world Coast for the very first time to provide a Halloween concert in Cupertino, CA.

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