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Marco Carena

Delivered in the north Italian town of Turin in 1957, Marco Carena didn’t stick to the standard guidelines of vocalist/songwriterhood, choosing instead to execute within a theatrical, cabaret-esque design, composing parodies of popular Italian music or his own tongue-in-cheek originals. After earning 1990’s “Sanscemo Celebration” (“scemo” signifying “fool”), a play on the favorite annual Sanremo Celebration, of which he participated the next season, Carena released his debut record, Serenata (Il Meglio Di…), with Il Ritorno to arrive 1991 and Ciao Paese in 1993. Though he didn’t discharge any solo function for another 10 years, Carena was still intensely mixed up in Piedmont arts picture, collaborating with regional musicians, producing information, and showing up on-stage and on tv. In 2001 he began Marco Carena & Prostat+, several aging rockers focused on “gerontorock,” playing rearranged and reinterpreted variations of classic music. The band released Frittomix in 2004, but 2 yrs later the vocalist was back by himself with Ciao Turin, which had taken on well-known folk music from his hometown. In 2007 Discountautore, a Compact disc/DVD set documented live in among Turin’s most well-known clubs, Cab41, arrived.

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