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Marco Antonio Cavazzoni

Marco Antonio Cavazzoni was a well known Renaissance-era Italian composer known for his key pad functions. He was also the daddy of Girolamo Cavazzoni, who was simply also a recognized composer of key pad, aswell as sacred vocal functions. Given birth to around 1490, Marco Antonio Cavazzoni probably benefited from the best possible education obtainable in his day time, both in academics and music, due to the lucky finances loved by his family members. There is proof that prior to he reached adulthood, he had been a talented musician adored by royalty and upper-class Italian culture as well. Leonora Gonzaga, Duchess of Urbino, refers to him and his musical abilities in correspondence dating to 1512. From that 12 months until 1517, there is certainly some proof to recommend Cavazzoni may possess performed in the support of the rich Venetian nobleman Francesco Cornaro. From 1517-1524 Cavazzoni founded his career mainly in Venice, taking part in body organ, teaching, and composing. He was probably a vocalist at St. Mark’s Basilica through the second option part of the period. Cavazzoni do take keep of Venice to execute for Pope Leo X in the Vatican from Apr 1520 before following Feb. After his go back to Venice, Cavazzoni ready a level of music for publication. Released in 1523 with unique permission granted from the Venetian Senate, the publication included ricercars, motets, and canzonas, all for key pad, a number of the parts appearing to become intabulations of Cavazzoni’s very own vocal masterpieces. After a short stint in Padua, Cavazzoni came back to Venice in 1528 and appears to have proved helpful there or in the vicinity for pretty much the next 10 years. There is solid proof he was organist on the Treviso and Chioggia Cathedrals in the 1530s. After 1537 he might been employed by in Urbino for the Duchess. His old age are similarly unclear, though in the 1550s (and most likely in the last decade aswell) he appears to have been a vocalist, once more, at St. Mark’s Basilica, where he offered with Marc’ Antonio de Alvise, a musician with whom he provides often been baffled. Cavazzoni still left a will dated 1560 and passed away mostly most likely that season or another.

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