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Marcelo Tupinamba

Marcelo Tupinambá wrote popular music that became strikes, as well seeing that erudite music, getting a huge production. His music were documented by the largest performers of his period, including Francisco Alves (“Ruana,” lyrics by Arlindo Leal; “Serenata d’Amor,” with Bento de Camargo; and “Pião,” with Fernando M. Almeida) and Gastão Formenti, who opened up in the saving business with “Cabocla Apaixonada” (with G. Barroso), later on saving the modinha “Barbuleta, Barbuleta” (with José Unói actually) as well as the valse “Noite d’Encanto” (with Navis). Various other interpreters of his had been Vicente Celestino, Patrício Teixeira, and Abigail Maia. Among the erudite interpreters are Bidu Saião and Violeta Coelho Neto de Freitas. Tupinambá became known internationally following the documenting of his “Tristezas de Caboclo” with the Belgian baritone Armand Crabbé. Kid and nephew of conductors, Tupinambá discovered piano by hearing and violin with Savino de Benedictis. He aimed the local music group when is at senior high school. In 1907, at 15, he followed the well-known Patápio Silva in a number of upstate metropolitan areas. Still simply because an engineering pupil from the Escola Politécnica de São Paulo, Marcelo Tupinambá composed the music for the revue São Paulo Futuro. The revue was accompanied by many effective tanguinhos like “Pierrô,” “Saci Pererê,” “Tietê,” “Tristeza de Caboclo,” and “Maricota Sai da Chuva” (mainly with lyrics by Arlindo Leal), among numerous others. His tracks, mainly under sertanejo motivation, were disseminated from the musical theater. After an optical disease having pressured him to get away from engineering, he dedicated himself to music (primarily erudite), just like the collection for strings “Estrada Velha,” the opera Abraão, as well as the ballets Garoa, Butantã, and Juca Mulato.

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