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Marcello Sebastiani

Marcello Sebastiani is really a multi faceted bass participant whose musical advancement has led him to jazz at a comparatively late stage. After a short involvement in intensifying rock groups, at the start from the ’70s Sebastiani turned to traditional and chamber music also to the dual bass. His desire for jazz, awakened by traditional players like Louis Armstrong, Ruler Oliver, Bix Beiderbeck, Duke Ellington and Errol Garner, prevailed within the middle ’70s. Since that time he has used Garrison Fewell, Badal Roy, Sageer Kahn and Karl Potter. A flexible writer whose compositions range between post bop music to experimental and impressionistic music, Sebastiani comes with an earthy well curved sound. He is able to propel the music with incisive strolling lines, play lengthy articulated solos or color ethereal soundscapes. His 1st two albums Collection & Tunes and Miniatures feature his partner, harpist Antonella Angelozzi, whose playing sometimes lends a fresh Agey twist to his music.

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