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Marce et Toumpak

Drummer Marce Pago, along with Dede St. Prix, got the torch initial lit by Eugene Mona in the ’70s and went with it to bridge the distance between the developing early-’80s zouk picture and a rural percussive type of Martiniquan music known as chouval bwa. Dispensing with chouval bwa’s huge bass-drum-like tambour, but adding electrical instrumentation to the essential lineup of rhythmic vocals, hands drums, bamboo flute, and periodic accordion, both Marce and St. Prix got chouval bwa to an even of popularity correct alongside zouk. Marce coined the word for this brand-new type, “zouk chouv’,” along with his 1987 record from the same name. His early albums, ahead of Zouk Chouv’, aren’t strong on electrical instruments and so are, in fact, in lots of ways more commensurate with the return-to-roots craze from the ’90s.

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