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Guy Jumping recorded a few of the most captivating modern music from the 1980s, merging components of various styles and styles which were commercially popular at that time, yet the group’s eclectic mix of affects ultimately didn’t catch the era’s Zeitgeist, whatever which was. But visualize a big instrumental ensemble using a decidedly global perspective, enamored of worldbeat and cultural fusion rhythms but with the minimalistic accuracy of Steve Reich combined with the pop sensibilities of Brian Eno and David Byrne — not forgetting a few of Eno and Byrne’s avant-garde tendencies. The majority of Guy Jumping’s members surfaced through the ashes of an organization called Shed Jockey, a English minimalist outfit maybe somewhat comparable to today’s Icebreaker, an avant-garde/contemporary structure ensemble (loosely associated with NY City’s Bang on the Can All-Stars) also from THE UK. But back the ’80s when different members of Shed Jockey shaped Man Jumping, they appeared to possess commercial dreams beyond those of the greater serious-minded Icebreaker circa the 1990s and 2000s. Guy Jumping released its 1st album, Leap Cut, on Expenses Nelson’s Cocteau Information label in 1984, and started making live looks the following yr, performing at celebrations along with dance businesses, like the London Modern Dance Theater. In 1987 the group released Globe Services on Editions EG, the label most widely known for issuing avant however pop-oriented attempts by famous brands Brian Eno and Robert Fripp (both individually so when a duo). Both Leap Cut and Globe Service featured prolonged groove-based instrumental items that mixed worldbeat, cultural fusion, funk, and jazz-pop with occasionally hypnotic minimalist polyrhythms and counterpoint — imagine merging components of Byrne and Eno’s MY ENTIRE LIFE within the Bush of Spirits (like the sampled vocals) or Speaking Heads’ Stay in Light with Reich’s Music for a big Outfit, supplemented by instrumentation like bazouki and koto and provided a dance club-friendly creation sheen. If any component of this combine has dated Guy Jumping poorly, it is the slick creation values and periodic pounding disco-flavored digital drums, which in retrospect probably rob the music from the authenticity of its resources (even though same may be stated of ’80s Byrne, Eno, and/or Speaking Heads). World Provider premiered by Editions EG on vinyl and Compact disc; the previously vinyl-only Jump Cut was reissued on Compact disc with the Shaping the Invisible label in 1999, and can be obtainable (with bonus monitors) on Carbon 7.

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