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Extremely significant for 1991’s Breaking Atoms by itself, Main Source’s influence on hip-hop ‘s almost impossible to gauge, particularly when considering Large Professor and K-Cut’s contributions beyond the group. Comprising MC/producer Huge Professor (blessed Paul Mitchell) and twin DJs/companies K-Cut (blessed Kevin McKenzie) and Sir Nothing, the brand new York group emerged jointly in 1989 and debuted on Crazy Pitch with Breaking Atoms — an undeniably traditional album, irrespective of its field — 2 yrs afterwards. The group’s creation work, coupled with Huge Professor’s masterful wordplay (from your brilliant football analogies drawn through the entire law enforcement brutality-themed “Only a Friendly Video game of Football,” towards the disheartening passionate strife depicted in “Considering leading Door”), set a typical. While Gang Starr’s DJ Leading is often heralded like a groundbreaking sampler and beatmaker, it had been Huge Teacher and K-Cut who schooled him on how best to grasp the SP1200. Not just that, but Breaking Atoms’ “Live in the Barbeque” helped set up the professions of both Akinyele and Nas. Huge Professor remaining the group because of financial problems and started to concentrate on creation function. K-Cut and Sir Scrape continuing the group and set up MC Mikey D. for 1994’s F*ck EVERYTHING YOU Believe. Though it barely keeps a candle to Breaking Atoms (to become reasonable, it would’ve been difficult to build on that record, despite having Huge Professor’s existence), the recording was barely an artistic failing, but it arrived and proceeded to go without much see. Without their best tool, the group’s second go-round wasn’t provided much of an opportunity. It didn’t help it took 3 years to attain fruition. Meanwhile, Huge Professor was accumulating creation credits for Eric B. & Rakim, Akinyele, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Pete Rock and roll & C.L. Clean. He didn’t make his appropriate single debut until 2002, using the disappointing 1st Course.

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