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Existing for a couple years in the first 1970s, and playing only 1 live gig, Mahogany Mind still were able to record several albums in addition to garner themselves a location around the Nurse With Wound set of affects. Their music continues to be derided as incompetent and amateurish, sounding just like the music group had just found their devices for the very first time, though at exactly the same time their raw audio predates punk no influx. Mahogany Mind was not actually music group as much because the work of 1 guy, poet and filmmaker Michel Bulteau and whatever music artists he gathered around him. The group was created in 1970 in Paris, France for him to carefully turn his surrealist poetry into music, in addition to to test out sounds. Their primary affects had been the Velvet Underground and Captain Beefheart, and a lot of medication make use of, and their music was freeform avant-rock and loose improvisations. Unlike many French rock and roll sets of that period the majority of their lyrics had been in British. They performed their one concert in the summertime of 1970 in the Lucemarie, and from then on became a studio room project. In the center of Dec, 1970 Mahogany Mind recorded the recording With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) released from the renowned Futura label early another year, plus they also supplied the soundtrack to a brief film of Bulteau?s, Primary Range. Another record, Soft Sick Lighting, was recorded in a single time in June of 1972, however, not released until many years later with the Pole label, which album also got the Main Range soundtrack, ?Green Wintertime of Revolvers.? From then on Bulteau came back to his William Burroughs-inspired poetry in addition to even more filmmaking, though he do to push out a 12? EP Spleen with Elliot Murphy in 1989 in addition to three CDs, Archedoxe, Dans el Monde Sonore, and Rincures, within the 90s. Pattrick Geoffrois, guitarist for Mahogany Human brain, moved to NY in the past due 1970s and used No Influx pioneers James Possibility as well as the Contortions.

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