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Dunedin, New Zealand folk-pop group the Magick Minds was led simply by vocalist Jane Sinnott and guitarist Robert Scott, the latter the onetime bassist for the seminal Clean along with the frontman for his own longstanding device the Bats. 3D’s guitarist David Mitchell performed drums in the initial Magick Minds lineup, which created in 1991; additional players floated in and from the group’s rates, with Sinnott and Scott became a member of by drummer Jim Strang for his or her 1994 Soaring Nun debut Before We Proceed Under. Strang’s bassist sibling Richard authorized on for the follow-up, 1997’s Woody; even though band dissolved immediately after the record’s conclusion, 1999’s Transvection put together previously unreleased materials.

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Music Songs The Back of Her Hand, Before We Go Under, Standing at the Edge, Walk on the Wall, Who's Watchin' Out for You, Particularly Nasty Weather, Sweet Angel, Take It on Down, Nine Minutes, Better Left Unsaid, 42 Degrees, Lines of Deception, Two Different Things, Some Time to Go, Faith Away, Save Me From The Sound, Use Your Charms, New Floor, Seventh Sense, The Beast of Bodmin Moor, Don't Knock It Down, 12,000 Miles, Find a Way Home, Roll on Summer, Light of the Night, Gotta Go Home, Once Apon a Meeting, Love on the Ground, When I Kissed the Teacher, One and the Same, Give Me a Kiss, Just Like The Sun
Albums Before We Go Under, Transvection, Woody, Lazy Ways

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