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Maggie Woods

Maggie Woods comes from the Meadows of Dan section of the Virginia Appalachians, a location so solid with fiddlers that they sometimes need to stack them want firewood merely to fit all of them in in the contests. Like a guitarist, Woods hasn’t spent her lifetime burning fiddlers, but a lot of her strums have been around in the assistance of associated fiddle repertoire items such as for example “Saro,” “Tommy Like,” and “Susanna Gal.” And which means she’s spent amount of time in the current presence of people called Spangler, because in Patrick Region, VA, that was the family members dynasty of fiddle music, you start with Wallace W. Spangler, who passed away in 1926, and carrying on through his boy J.W. “Babe” Spangler and cousin Dudley Spangler. These second option two members from the Spangler clan had been both recording companions from the guitarist, including a distinctive group of one-off recordings of fiddle music undertaken over many nights within a home furniture shop in Mt. Airy in 1948. Hardwood learned to try out your guitar from a variety of Patrick State musicians, picking right up whatever was had a need to back again the fiddlers up at community dances. The design developed for this function mixed a finger strum that was selected straight up using a unwanted fat downstroke in the thumb — component of the technique is normally something few listeners may have believed funk and rectangular dance music acquired in common. The way in which Hardwood plays is a vintage guitar accompanying design from this area, the nuances made to improve the sound from the fiddle repertoire. Despite relationship and raising kids, Wood continued to try out music and actually, was the instigator of tasks like the previously mentioned home furniture shop recordings. She evidently sensed compelled to do something to protect a musical repertoire that acquired always been passed down orally, but certainly could take advantage of the choice of documentation by means of recordings. Although these recordings performed by Hardwood, the Spangler set, and great three-finger-style banjoist Harry Pendleton had been originally for personal only use, the State label produced a industrial pressing in the ’70s. The record was released beneath the name from the Aged Virginia Fiddlers, a music group name made by J.W. “Babe” Spangler when he used his sibling Charles Langhorne “Tump” Spangler. For quite some time, Wood proved helpful at a shop along the Blue Ridge Parkway and continuing playing guitar sometimes.

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