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Magellan is a really unique progressive rock-band, especially in its lyrics; on its first handful of albums, specifically, Magellan emphasizes traditional lyrics. If you’re after a song in regards to the signing from the Magna Carta or the group’s namesake, Magellan, circumnavigating the world, then Magellan may be the band for you personally. It had been Ferdinand Magellan’s heart of experience and willingness to take chances that triggered bandleader Trent Gardner to mention his music group Magellan. Trent composed all the music and fine sand and performed keyboards. His sibling, Wayne, performs lead electric guitar. The band’s initial two albums, Hour of Recovery and Impending Ascension, also feature Hal Stringfellow on bass. Wayne changed him on bass for the 3rd album, Check of Wills. Extremely, Magellan acquired no drummer for the very first two albums. Aside from one song where Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry made an appearance, all of the drum songs are finished with a drum machine, although they audio very actual. Magellan finally discovered a drummer with their preference, Brad Kaiser, who became a member of the music group for Check of Wills. The very first two albums are related however you like, with Impending Ascension sounding just like the reasonable follow-up to Hour of Repair. They both feature many lengthy tunes with many shorter ones combined in. The tunes are centered around solid melodies with abrupt timing adjustments.There’s also frequent changes from soft rock to hard rock and vice-versa. Overall, it creates an extremely interesting listening encounter.The style changed just a little for Check of Wills, using the songs based more around guitar riffs than melodies, as the lyrics moved more to themes of self-reliance.

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