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Based on the wacko M.We.R.V. website, the moniker of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay music group signifies: (1) Multiple Separately targeted Re-entry Automobiles, (2) Many Inebriated Rude Vermin, (3) Mutant Industrial Rock and roll Vaudeville, or (4) Males in Crimson Velvet. In every actuality, it?s likely that M.We.R.V. means clear-haired business lead loon Mirv Haggard. Like quality Z Zappas, this quartet is aimed at the best and easy focus on of hard rock and roll. M.We.R.V. loves to take flight off the deal with, writing tracks about whatever subject matter they want performed in whatever design tickles their nice at this time. M.We.R.V. debuted using the unusual opera Cosmodrome on kindred tweeker Les Claypool’s Prawn Music label. Feeding Period on Monkey Isle freed the “Unabomber” which covered a methadone melody around Cops and Yngwie Malmsteen quotations. Dancing Naked inside a Mine Field continuing the crazy antics, but non-e of the platters contact M.We.R.V.’s live function, where the kids continually set fresh standards in large dementia.

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