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Lupine Howl


After Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce fired guitarist Mike Mooney, bassist Sean Make, and drummer Damon Reece in early 1999, the trio formed Lupine Howl, a variety of psych, soul, and Krautrock, just a couple months afterwards. The trio caused Massive Strike before launching their 2000 debut one Vaporizer, which highlighted efforts from Portishead’s John Baggart and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci’s Euros Childs, independently Vinyl fabric Hiss imprint. The Bronzage one implemented and Lupine Howl released their third one, 125, in early 2001. In those days, all three singles had been collected because the 125 EP and released by Beggars Banquet within the U.S., just a couple months prior to the discharge of Lupine Howl’s full-length debut. Another fall, the music group released the lushly dramatic The Pub by the end of the Globe.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lupine Howl
Music Songs Sniff the Glue, A Grave to Go To, The Jam That Ate Itself, Bronzage, Lonely Roads, Burning Stars, Don't Lose Your Head, Planet X, Vaporizer, The Pursuit of Pleasure, Centre of the Universe, Gravity's Pull, All I Can Do, 125, Signing Off, Can You Forgive Me?, Sometimes, Carnival, Mexican Cantina, This Condition, Voodoo Raygun, Tired, Swell, Trust Me?
Albums The Bar at the End of the World, The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of Lupine Howl, 125

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