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Louis Durey

Louis Durey may possibly be considered a totally obscure People from france composer, rather than a semi-unknown, if it weren’t for his association with a small number of fellow composers in Paris following the Initial World War. Predicated on his a friendly relationship with Francis Poulenc, he became section of a group of composers who have been dubbed “Les Six.” Thrust in to the spotlight with a newspapers article, and held there by their self-appointed spokesman Jean Cocteau, this group was quite the feeling for a couple of years after the battle. But Durey was under no circumstances pleased with the promotion, and in 1921 he shifted south of France to be able to reside in semi-obscurity. He do return to get a 1952 concert reuniting all six composers. He researched music privately Leon Saint-Requier instead of within an educational middle, but he was well attuned to all or any the iconoclastic currents that swirled around music in the 1910s and 1920s. His music demonstrates equal doses from the three “S”s: Satie, Stravinsky, and Schoenberg. They have actually been postulated that Durey developed the first little bit of French twelve-tone music along with his L’Offrande Lyrique in 1914. That same yr, Durey began offering in the military; he found the knowledge dehumanizing. In protest he started composing an opera predicated on a German play. His politics claims would become more powerful as he got old. A Communist, he arranged poems by Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong. He also had written several rally tracks for trade unionists and people of the politics left. Taking into consideration the delicacy and accuracy of his early composing, this was a significant change in path. His most significant works add a Flute Sonatina occasionally designed in recitals of music by “Les Six,” Pictures ? Crusoe, and a string quartet.

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