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Louis Couperin

The Couperin family resembles, in lots of ways, the Bach family, though on the smaller scale: several generations of Couperins were important figures in the annals of People from france music. Louis Couperin was the uncle to possibly the best-known person in the Couperin family members, François, also called François le Grand. Louis was the child of Charles Couperin, organist of Chaume, and sibling to Charles, also an effective organist and dad to François. Hardly any is well known about the first many years of Louis’ existence, besides that he will need to have received superb musical teaching (most likely from Chambonnières), for he became an immediately achievement when he finally found its way to Paris around 1651. Once in Paris, he guaranteed employment as an organist at St. Gervais and in addition performed treble viol in the royal chapel. He was a well-known and well-respected musician in Paris, and was carefully connected to some of the most essential musicians in the town. Aproximately 215 of Couperin’s functions survive today, though it is very most likely that he made up many more. The majority of his compositions are functions for keyboard, and even Couperin is known as one of the biggest French key pad composers from the seventeenth hundred years. His oeuvre carries a lot of music for body organ, including several fugues, aswell as music for the harpsichord. Couperin’s harpsichord music offers generated probably the most curiosity over the hundreds of years: comprised mainly of brief dance items — allemandes, courantes, gigues, sarabandes, etc. — the harpsichord music is usually remarkable because of its strength and unexpected harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic gestures. Some scholars possess recommended that Couperin was among the 1st French harpsichord composers to look at the brand new basso continuo design; others have mentioned that his design changed from moderate to medium, so the violin music, the body organ music, as well as the harpsichord music each reveal a different element of the same fertile musical creativity.

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