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Los Horóscopos de Durango

Fronted by sisters Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, los Horóscopos de Durango do for the duranguense design what Jenni Rivera and Yolanda “La Potranquita” Pérez do for Sinaloa-style banda — they brought a lady perspective from what acquired historically been an extremely male-dominated type of regional Mexican music. Duranguense — a favorite, easily recognizable trend that is much like Sinaloa-style banda but uses fewer horns and much more keyboards and it is even more percussive — is incredibly competitive both in Mexico and america, but los Horóscopos de Durango haven’t any problem standing up out in an exceedingly crowded field. Whenever a style continues to be dominated by men, a band that’s fronted by two ladies having a fondness for micro-miniskirts and cowboy footwear will stand out — and in the 2000s, los Horóscopos became among duranguense’s best-selling works. However the Terrazas sisters weren’t constantly up front; in fact, the group was around a long time before their appearance. The initial lineup of los Horóscopos de Durango was constructed by founder Armando Terrazas (Vicky and Marisol’s dad) in 1975 in Chicago, a town that boasts the biggest Mexican-American population within the Midwest. Los Horóscopos de Durango means the Horoscopes of Durango — as with Durango, Mexico — even though duranguense is carefully determined with Durango, a whole lot of duranguense performers have been located in the Windy Town (like the well-known Grupo Montéz de Durango). For example, virtually any type of local Mexican music — whether it is duranguense, banda, norteño, mariachi, or ranchera — is fairly no problem finding in Chi-Town, where Horóscopos de Durango had been a local appeal long before they truly became worldwide celebrities. Under Armando Terrazas’ management, los Horóscopos got their talk about of lineup adjustments over time — and for a long period, that they had a male-oriented lineup just like the the greater part of duranguense clothes. But ultimately, Armando made a decision to revamp his group and place Vicky (vocals, trumpet) and Marisol (vocals, accordion, keyboards, sax) best in advance — a move that some individuals questioned. After years to be discovered with male vocalists, do los Horóscopos actually want to instantly start having females doing the vast majority of the business lead performing? Armando’s decision to place his daughters in advance was as vivid a move as Bob Dylan heading electric within the ’60s and Mls Davis embracing fusion on Within a Silent Method and Bitches Brew, nonetheless it was a move that paid commercially for los Horóscopos. Agreed upon to Disa Information (among the best companies for local Mexican music) within the 2000s, the Vicky/Marisol release of los Horóscopos discovered its albums and singles soaring to the very best from the Latin graphs (like the group’s 2004 set up of “Dos Locos,” a music originally documented by Dominican bachata duo Monchy & Alexandra). Musical movie director Armando was the only real person in los Horóscopos’ unique 1975 lineup who still got any link with the group; the majority of their 2000s individuals weren’t even created in 1975. Los Horóscopos’ additional 21st century people include saxophonist/vocalist Leonardo Terrazas, saxophonist Braulio Muro, keyboardist Jorge Banuelos, bassist Alex Gómez, and drummer Héctor Villaseñor.

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