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Los Cadetes de Linares

Los Cadetes de Linares are among the oldest, longest-running norteño organizations functioning. Hailing from the tiny city of Linares in the condition of Nuevo Leon, Los Cadetes are acknowledged with authoring lots of the unique corridos. Their roots are very much disputed, as will be the rights towards the name of the group. The overall consensus would be that the music group began executing and documenting between 1959 and 1962. Workers changed every couple of years, sometimes more regularly than that, but by 1974 the bandmembers had been consistent, as well as the name Los Cadetes de Linares was utilized routinely in public areas performances. Through the middle-’70s major brands paid no attention to local Mexican music, and it wasn’t until 1980 which the group could record consistently plenty of to create momentum. Nevertheless, once hit tunes like “Dos Coronas a Mi Madre” and “Los Pistoleros Famosos” produced their way towards the airwaves, Los Cadetes’ group of fans grew quickly. From rural Mexican farmers to wealthy California suburbanites, Los Cadetes’ followers spanned the Mexican human population, making them probably one of the most well-known norteño sets of your day. Though just two of the initial members remain using the music group, Los Cadetes de Linares remain actively documenting and touring.

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