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Lorenzo da Ponte

Certain librettist/author collaborations have grown to be legendary in the wonderful world of opera, such as for example von Hoffmannstal and Richard Strauss, Gilbert and Sullivan, and da Ponte and Mozart. Not merely did Mozart started collaborating with da Ponte during his have musical maturity, but da Ponte’s witty, exactly worded libretti mixed drama and dried out humor in ways perfectly suitable for Mozart’s musical design. He had not been limited by Mozart at all; his librettos influenced a few of Vicente Martin y Soler’s and Antonio Salieri’s greatest are well. His 1st career was like a priest, but his superiors had been unamused by his liberal politics and amorous escapades and he was exiled from Venice. He ultimately found Vienna, where Salieri released him to Joseph II’s courtroom, where he was appointed poet towards the courtroom theatre when Joseph revived the Italian custom. Here he created libretti for a few of this theater’s greatest premieres, like the Mozart operas and Martin con Soler’s Una cosa rara (a preferred, now largely neglected). In 1790, he was pressured to keep the courtroom after Leopold II’s accession and after different wanderings, resolved in London ready in the King’s Theater in Haymarket. He mixed fresh libretti with organizing music and general participation with the theatre. However, unwise participation in politics and unsound monetary purchases led him to start out again in america, where he had written his autobiography, some poetry and translations, and was called teacher of Italian at Columbia University.

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