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Lonzo & Oscar

So long as there has been an idiom referred to as nation music, there has been idiots milking the hay seed image of backwoods folk. Hee Haw is the newest and prominent example, but a long time before that greatly popular display, the duo of Lonzo & Oscar (Lloyd George and Rollin Sullivan) had been starting for superstar Eddy Arnold as an area yokel humor/music act. Once the duo obtained popular in 1947 with “I’m MY VERY OWN Grandpa” (later on the signature melody for Grandpa Jones), nevertheless, they quickly ceased starting for Arnold and attempt to become popular celebrities of their very own, performing precisely that as performers within the Grand Ole Opry. And showing that Lonzos (a derogatory term for a person who lives in a rural region) are compatible, Rollin “Oscar” Sullivan employed another partner when George sick and tired of the work, acquiring his aw-schucks humor work in to the 1970s.

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