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Longmont Potion Castle

Longmont Potion Castle may be the pseudonym of the anonymous prank telephone caller from Colorado. Dynamic since the past due ’80s, he offers released over twelve albums and obtained a cult pursuing among supporters of bizarre, offbeat laughter. His work provides little in keeping using the shock-jock design of even more well-known prank callers like the Jerky Children or Crank Yankers, rather having a far more absurdist bent resembling the air sketches of Scharpling & Wurster or the uncomfortable anti-comedy of Neil Hamburger. Usual LPC gags consist of repeatedly contacting up businesses requesting nonexistent products, contacting strangers and posing unfilled dangers, or pretending to be always a UPS employee providing ridiculous parcels, such as for example tanks filled with insects, and challenging payment. He delivers most of his lines within a deadpan monotone tone of voice, rarely increasing his tone of voice, and his skill for quick-witted one-liners and non sequiturs is normally without parallel. Generally, the individuals over the various other end from the recipient are baffled and/or enraged, although sometimes they appear amused, and in old age, some recognize that it’s Longmont Potion Castle contacting them. On previously recordings, occasionally LPC edits out his very own tone of voice, leaving just the retorts from the callers responding to his absurd needs or claims. LPC is an experienced musician and documenting studio room engineer, and he contains thrash steel instrumentals and sample-based collages in his albums. He also runs on the Digitech RDS 8000 digital hold off unit to improve his tone of voice during his phone calls, increasing the surrealist character and complicated his subjects a lot more. His recordings have already been sampled by many rock, digital, and experimental performers, like the Orb, Doormouse, Tit Wrench, as well as the Amino Acids. Cigarette, leader of digital psych-pop group Dark Moth Super Rainbow, can be a devoted enthusiast, and provides included LPC paths in his DJ mixes; LPC in addition has remixed Dark Moth’s tune “Windscreen Smasher.” LPC also added electric guitar to a tune on Electric powered Six’s 2007 record I WILL Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Getting the Master. Being a tired, restless teen, Longmont Potion Castle started recording prank calls on his mother’s responding to machine through the ’80s. His initial cassette made an appearance in 1988, and was billed like a compilation of recordings within a dumpster. Another volume adopted in 1992, and another made an appearance in 1995. Many of these had been 90-minute cassettes released via the artist’s personal D.U. Information, and primarily obtainable through direct email order. They drawn a group of fans through person to person, and Vinyl Marketing communications, a California-based sound label house to early produces by Child606 and Smaller, issued two Greatest of Longmont Potion Castle CDs. Vol. 4 (with cover artwork spending tribute to Dark Sabbath’s similarly entitled fourth recording) premiered on Compact disc by Post Imitation in 2002, and Late-Eighties-Vein (a uncommon non-numerically entitled LPC record) made an appearance on Insides Music in 2003. In 2004, LPC started reissuing his old albums on CD-R, somewhat editing them down from the initial cassettes. He also released a divide 7″ one with Hatebeak, a grindcore music group fronted with a bird. Reptilian Records released the one in 2004, accompanied by Vol. 5 in 2005. In 2006, LPC performed several solo thrash steel concerts, and Longbox Choice Package, a restricted container set containing most of LPC’s albums and a reward disc of steel interludes and a Dvd movie, was released. At that time, he announced it as his last discharge, but Vol. 6 made an appearance in 2008. Since that time, a fresh LPC recording has appeared on the almost annual basis, generally available like a CD-R or digital download with reward songs. 9 was released as a dual LP in 2012, and included one of is own even more infamous items, a call towards the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. In past due 2015, D.U. Information released a break up dual LP made up of an recording by Seattle-based instrumental rock and roll group the Albert Lerner Trio, aswell as LPC’s remix from the recording. Later in the entire year, another limited LPC package set was released, formulated with every prior discharge with reward material, two Dvd videos, and a t shirt. Around this period, LPC gave many high-profile interviews with magazines such as for example Rolling Rock, Vice, as well as the A.V. Membership, and announced 13 for an early on 2017 release. It had been also announced a Longmont Potion Castle documentary entitled Where in the Hell May be the Lavender Home? is at the works.

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