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The principal alias of Nottingham, Britain indigenous Matt Cutler, Lone debuted in 2007 using a CD-R, Everything Is Changing Colour. Some 2008 and 2009 produces — Lemurian (Dealmaker), Cluster Dreams (Dealmaker), Ecstasy & Close friends (Werk Discs), and Joyreel (Werk Discs) — located Cutler’s task as something of the midpoint between accepted inspirations Madlib and Planks of Canada, as the maker mixed off-center hip-hop beats with wistful, dreamlike levels and melodies. Although some paths — or parts of some paths — got dancefloor charm, Cutler flipped a change this year 2010. The A-sides “Pineapple Crush” (Magic Wire) and “Occasionally” (Werk Discs), combined with the full-length Emerald Dream Paths (Magic Wire), maintained the evocative experience of his previously function while incorporating his affinity for early-’90s hardcore, home, and rave. The deeply indebted however unique sound transported through the six-track Echolocations EP (R&S), after that took a tiny goofball start “THOSE Weird Items,” both which had been released in 2011. “Crystal Landscapes 1991” previewed Galaxy Backyard, a 2012 recording for R&S. Another recording for the Belgian label, the fairly downtempo Reality Tests, adopted in 2014. 2 yrs later on, he explored his like of ’90s jungle using the full-length Levitate. Cutler in addition has produced a small number of singles with Andy Hemsley as Children in Tracksuits, and offers released an recording as one fifty percent from the duo Kona Triangle.

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