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Little Son Joe

b. Ernest Lawlars, 18 Might 1900, Hughes, Arkansas, USA, d. 14 November 1961, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Lawlars is most beneficial known for his musical relationship along with his wife, Memphis Minnie, but he previously been playing electric guitar and performing blues for a few years around Memphis before they collaborated, including an interval with Rev. Robert Wilkins, whom he followed on record in 1935. He teamed up with Minnie in the past due 30s, changing her previous hubby and partner, Joe McCoy. Like McCoy, Lawlars also produced information under his very own name, like the well-known ‘Dark Rat Golf swing’, but he generally appeared within the helping role, on a lot of edges covering a lot of the 40s and the first years of the next 10 years. As their reputation in Chicago waned, they resolved back Memphis and retired from music within the 50s.

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