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Limi-T 21

Limi-T XXI (also viewed as Limi-T 21) is definitely a teenaged trio that became probably one of the most well-known merengue sets of the ’90s. The group is definitely made up of Elvin Torres, Javier Bermúdez, and Angel Ramior Matos. Through the early ’90s, the group released some albums that brought them recognition and acclaim, including two platinum and one platinum information in the Latin music market. In 1996, their recognition really started to soar because they agreed upon to RRM/Merengazo Information in the U.S., headlined many international travels, and became spokesmen for Tele 11 in Puerto Rico. Limi-T XXI’s reputation continuing to soar throughout 1997, because they released De Lo Que Soy Capaz.

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