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Lillile Daltry

Lillie Daltry is a pseudonym that does not have the most common give-away crass puns or silly suggestions, leading in least several enthusiasts of dusty materials from your ’20s to trust there actually was such a person. Regrettably, as nice since it could have been for there to have already been an attractive English singer called Lillie Daltry, there is no such person. It had been among the many false names used on from the talented and prolific Peggy British, although much less apparent as Peggy Britten or as off the beaten track as Harlem Hannah, a guise she required on in the ’30s. British became Britten in 1926 to be able to sneak inside a documenting program for the Cameo label. She also documented as both Jane Grey and Jane Shaw during this time period. As Peggy English’s popularity pass on among the British themselves, opportunities created on her behalf to also record cover or contending variations of her personal material for launch abroad. That’s where Lillie Daltry arrived in, bumping into Nora Western on the way, even though bump would just have already been symbolic since neither designer in fact existed–West was another pseudonym aswell. Under whatever name, the vocalist often used the excellent pianist and songwriter Rube Bloom as her accompanist.

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