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The Rome, Italy-based Lifend is a rarity: a death steel/black metal group that includes a lady lead vocalist and features her prominently. As the the greater part of loss of life steel and dark steel bands are completely male, lead vocalist Sara Moriconi continues to be a fundamental element of Lifend’s audio — which is most beneficial referred to as melodic loss of life steel and symphonic dark steel with components of goth rock and roll and darkwave. Moriconi, actually, mementos a darkly intimate vocal style that could not end up being out of place within a goth clothing such as Dark Tape for the Blue Girl, Like Spirals Downward, Diva Damage, Rhea’s Obsession or Curse (which have had feminine lead performers). Nevertheless, Moriconi isn’t Lifend’s just vocalist; guitarist Alberto Franchi and bassist Roberto Geddo also have contributed towards the vocals, and like additional bands, which have embraced the symphonic dark metallic and melodic loss of life metallic styles, Lifend offers preferred a clean vocals/intense vocals comparison. Moriconi supplies the clean vocals, as the intense vocals have already been supplied by the band’s men and range between loss of life metal’s deep, guttural, evil-sounding growl to dark metal’s similarly ominous rasp. Loss of life metallic/dark metallic and goth rock and roll might sound as an unusual combination for some listeners — loss of life metallic/dark metallic is often a fitness in brutality with regard to brutality, while goth is definitely highly melodic. However the symphonic dark metallic and melodic loss of life metallic schools have provided an alternative compared to that all-brutality-all-the-time strategy — and in the hands of Lifend (which mementos intricacy, nuance, and melody aswell as forcefulness, strength, and aggression), goth is definitely a perfectly organic, logical impact. Lifend was created in Rome, Italy in Sept 1999, when some previous members from the Italian clothes Haternal (never to end up being baffled with Hate Eternal) and Mourningstar made a decision to put together a fresh band. Originally referred to as My Dark Aspect, Lifend began as a steel cover music group and performed music by On the Gates (among their main affects), Dimmu Borgir (another solid impact), Moonspell, Anathema, and Advantage of Sanity, amongst others. But in a short time, original materials was dominating their live shows. Lifend’s first documenting was the 2001 EP Entwined Feelings, which was then another EP, Shattering Truth, in 2002. The next year, Lifend started recording their initial full-length album, Internal Marks, in the wish of purchasing the disc to several record businesses; the independent Cruz del Sur label was interested and released the record in November 2004. On the way, Lifend has already established several lineup adjustments. In 2004, the band’s lineup included business lead vocalist Moriconi, Franchi (business lead vocals, guitar, classical guitar), and Geddo (electrical bass, business lead vocals) and Matteo Donnini (drums, synthesizers). Previous associates of Lifend consist of keyboardist Davide Gaudesi and guitarist Damiano Frigo.

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